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Redplanet is a creative collective who through out their network form a bridge between established brands, young entrepreneurs and artists. By Always being aware of the latest developments and trends we can offer our customers and partners innovative concepts from beginning to production end result.

The main connection between brands and young professionals is the passion for successful concepts. With this passion Redplanet rediscovered the cultural world, ranging from organizing weekly club nights to fully serviced art / food / music events and devising advertising concepts.

0ur most recent productions/projects we've worked on/with are: Kingpins Denim Trade (Westerunie), HTNK – Modefabriek (RAI), El Haloef 2017 , Oosterbar/ ADE 2017, King of Wolves (Kingsday), HYPE (the weekly Friday club night in the Jimmy Woo) and Green Room (an audiovisual experience enhanced by progressive house and techno).

Our network focuses mostly on Amsterdam and Rotterdam and comprises a group of such producers, journalists, bloggers, graphic designers,photographers and DJs.



Redplanet is een collectief van verschillende creatieve personages die door middel van hun netwerk de brug vormen tussen gevestigde merken en jonge ondernemers en artiesten. Door altijd op de hoogte te zijn van de laatste ontwikkelingen en trends kunnen we onze klanten en partners op unieke wijze innoverende concepten aanbieden en van begin tot eind opleveren.

Het grootste raakvlak tussen bekende merken en young professionals is de passie voor geslaagde concepten. Met deze passie herontdekt Redplanet de culturele wereld, variërend van het organiseren van wekelijkse clubavonden tot volledig verzorgde art/food/music  evenementen en van het uitdenken van reclameconcepten tot het produceren van foto exposities.

Onze meest recente producties zijn: Kingpins Denim Trade (Westerunie), HTNK – Modefabriek (RAI), El Haloef 2017 , Oosterbar/ ADE 2017 HYPE (de wekelijkse vrijdag clubavond in de Jimmy Woo) en Green Room (een audiovisuele ervaring ondersteunt door house en techno).

Ons netwerk focust zich veelal op Amsterdam en Rotterdam en bestaat uit een groep van o.a. producers, journalisten, bloggers, grafisch vormgevers, fotografen en DJ’s.


Project 15 - Oosterbar / ADE / EL Haloef

The Oosterbar is a small club in the basement of Generator Hostels Amsterdam. RP together with Generator, Visal Artist Aaron Isreal and Visual artist Guilliano Vitalis have been responsible for The DAY & NIGHT concept. This included a 24-H program with international DJ's, Mapping Visuals and Live streams in collaboration with the online music platform Eekoethee. Creating more then 13.000 views and over 400 shares in 5 days. Together with good people of Appelasap, Mo Manager and Patta we teamed up for the production of their annual kingsday party El Haloef. Bringin more then 2500 people together.  

Project 14 - King of Wolves

Our own annual party on Kingsday. Together with Desperados, intermarketing agency Wolfpack and SFFRMKRS and cafe Wheels. We turn one of the smallest streets in the 9-streets; the Wolvenstraat in a complete organized chaos of a good get together.

Project 13 - Kingpins show Amsterdam

Kingpins-show (1)
Kingpins Amsterdam The Kingpins is a two days denim fabric show and part of the Amsterdam Denim Days . Kingpins started in 2004 as a tiny jeans supply chain show in New York for like-minded members of the denim industry. They soon realized that the industry and interest was bigger than they thought and they expanded their denim shows to Hong Kong, China and Amsterdam next to New York. Sinds the beginning RP has been working together with Kinpings for the musical programming of for the afterparty of this big event.  

Project 12 - Museumnacht

"Museumnacht", translated museum night, is a yearly event where all museums in Amsterdam open their doors during the night hours. People from all across the Netherlands visit Amsterdam to take a look at the Rembrands, Van Goghs and other masterpieces in a nightly ambiance. Many museums offer a full program concluded by a party.

In collaboration with the guys from AAN & Stadsarchief we organized "Nachtvuur" (Night fire), which included a talkshow where a handful of young entrepreneurs talked about their drive and passion (their "fire") for their chosen paths.

The guests we invited for the talkshow:

Malvin Wix (Patta/Ludwig)
Jeffrey Spalburg (Toko MC)
Hugo van Heijningen (Red Light Radio)
Josje van Hagen (Showpony Productions)
Akwasi Ansah (Zwart Licht)
Daphne Koster (Ajax)

To conclude the event we invited DJ's Abstract and Aiscream to close the event Redplanet-style.

Project 11 – W+K x Rima

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam started a trainee programme called "The Kennedys". From thousands of applicants from all over the world 8 interns were chosen to take part in creating and producing websites and other products for this renown creative agency.

Together with the Kennedy class of 2011 we set up a collection showcase website for RIMA, a clothing designer who uses "deadstock" to make exclusive pieces where every garment is unique and custom tailored.

The launching event took place at mansion "Frankendeal",  and we held the closing ceremony at Salon2.

Project 10 – Lee Store Opening; Utrecht

For the opening of a new store based in Utrecht (the Netherlands) the clothing brand Lee asked us to celebrate this great moment with them. Our assignment was to invite the part of our friends who understand the brand's values and to show them what great changes they are going through. As often, we enjoyed spinning some tunes and sipping on some beer.

Project 09 – Modefabriek x HTNK

The Modefabriek is an annual fashion fair at the biggest congress hall in Amsterdam called RAI. A wide selection of fashion brands are invited to showcase their future collections during this 2 day event.

We were asked to host the "One stop shop" area where young fashion designers and entrepreneurs showed their work. To create a good atmosphere for people passing by, we programmed 2 full days of music, thereby inviting our friends for a spin. 


Project 08 – Queensday x Acht Sneakers

Acht, a quality sneaker shop in Amsterdam, first started out with a collection of exclusive Jordan sneakers. Now they are the home ground for brands such as Pony, Pimpalicious, Nike, Ontour, Reebok & Filling Pieces.

On Queensday we were asked to join them in organizing a block party (on Vijzelstraat) in the center of Amsterdam. Our residents Vic le Tor, Lantei, Sunan Ismy teamed up with Dj Turne creating a great celebration of the former Queen's birthday.

Project 07 – Wooland NYE Party

We were asked to organize the New Year's party at nightclub Jimmy Woo and to turn it into a fun house where a carnival atmosphere mixes with a Willy Wonka style world. After several brainstorm session with the guys at CLV, Wooland was created. We had no boundaries; we built the craziest things we could think of, from turning the smokers' lounge into a ball pit to having midgets run around serving shots. The downstairs area boasted a Avatar ambiance, while the upstairs area had a ghost house / carnival theme.

Wooland artwork
Wooland party picture

Project 06 – Green Room

Green Room is a concept where visual spectacle meets quality music. The visual direction was originally inspired by a clip from electronic artist Phonat, the music sparked from an upcoming progressive electronic movement incorporating talented beat makers and DJ from all around the world. These two aspects mixed together, and a touch of our main color green, form the baseline of this party.

Amsterdam showed a great need for this type of electronic music, varying from house to techno, beats to bass. We felt that we had to let people experience this on a scale that hasn't been done before, while keeping the vibe accessible and cozy. We've worked together with organizations such as Haute Cultuur, Vice Magazine, DJ Broadcast & Jameson Whiskey, ensuring a new bi-monthly happening in Amsterdam.

Posters of Green Room

Project 05 – Appelsap

Appelsap is one of Holland's biggest Hip-Hop festivals. For the 2011 edition they teamed up with MTV and Colors, one of the most progressive music parties in Amsterdam, therefore focussing on not just Hip-Hop but progressive music in general. This decision turned out to be a good one; it was the busiest edition so far.

Starting the festival off with a bang, we organized the official pre-party together with the creative minds behind the festival. Exclusively for this pre-party we invited and flew in the international multi-genre duo J*Davey from Los Angeles to the city of Amsterdam. This all resulted in a great night with a great vibe and lovely visitors.

Fun fact: we asked the creators why they used the name "Appelsap", which means apple juice in Dutch. They explained to us that a lot of parties, especially in the hip-hop genre, boast very rough and "ghetto" sounding names. The Appelsap crew didn't want to comply with this, and motivated people to recognize their festival for the good music rather than for the name and style.

Project 04 - Metro 54

Metro54 is a festival targeted on the south east area of Amsterdam, mashing up trending youth cultures. We were invited to host the center area of the festival where we were able to invite a couple of our DJ friends to bring their best sounds to the decks.

The area they performed in was surrounded by wooden shutters where the best national and international grafiti artists sprayed their pieces. Even though the weather didn't really cooperate, the atmosphere was great and over 2000 people visited the festival.


Project 03 - HYPE 2 years

Jimmy Woo, Holland's most renowed exclusive club with international recognition, asked us to host their weekly Friday night. Apart from promoting the events, we provided a full concept; from booking DJ's to hosting brand related events.

HYPE - was a platform for young as well as established brands which we perceived to be the next "HYPE". We managed to bring in over 75.000 visitors in 2 years, while creating a balance between an older, richer crowd and a younger, cooler audience. 

We’ve worked with brands like, amongst others, Converse, Amsterdam Dance Event, Moët & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Sennheiser, Lee, The Partysquad, Filling Pieces & House of Notoire.


Project 02 - Music Cultures Exposed

With this concept we wanted to give the young talented photographers - which we knew were out there - a chance to show their skills while being amongst friends.

We invited photographers from all across the Netherlands to sign up for the photo competition. The photos of the twelve best photographers were exhibited at 4 events held every consecutive Friday of February 2011. Every week a different musical genre was represented: Hip-Hop, Rock and Jazz. The last event was a get-together and afterparty. We used a boat in the west of Amsterdam which was suitable and commonly used for exhibitions.

Redplanet would take care of the photo print costs, the production of the event, the forming of the jury and the afterparty in the evenings of the exhibitions, presenting some of Amsterdam's finest DJ's, live performances, bands & singers. The three exhibitions were linked to different brands, with Hip-hop being linked to State Magazine, Rock to Vans and Jazz to Wicked Jazz Sounds. The addition of free food and drinks resulted in one of our most successful events until date.

Thanking: Jouw idee maak het waar, Jameson, Bonte Zwaan, Jenny’s, Jameson Whiskey, Vans, State Magazine, Wicked Jazz Sounds & Dennis de Groot.

Project 01 - Blu & Ta Raach

Now signed at Warner, former independent rap artist Blu caused quite some buzz in the USA. In Europe he was popular in the underground scene, but didn't make it to the mainstream media, resulting in very few bookings in Amsterdam's main venues since this would be a uncertainty for success. The team behind Redplanet believed in the power of his show, and decided to take the risk. Why the heck not?

"We can do this" was the team's motto, and with this we started our first project. We rented the Amsterdam based hip-hop venue called Bitterzoet and began contacting everyone we know to create a big audience. This turned out to be a big success, and even hip hop legend Jeru the Damager decided to drop by for a great pop-up appearance.

The day after we held a secret underground showcase in Rotterdam at a concept space called "M" which was set up by Venour, Lijfstijl & the good guys from Leijp.

Special thanks to Houman Hineesian, Sunan Ismy, Leeroy Remor & Winston Brandon for the lift-off.


Special Thanks to the Kennedys of W + K

Redplanet Entertainment

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The Netherlands

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